Ski Striding Title Graphic

How to Ski Stride [Video Tutorial]

Summary: Build a solid base of ski specific fitness during the off-season with ski striding. Embedded video tutorial teaches how to “fall uphill”, how to ski walk, and how to ski bound. Ski striding, sometimes called hill striding, is a dryland training technique used by nordic skiers to simulate skiing when there’s no snow. You can […]

Relaxed Skiing

Relax Your Way to Better Skiing [Video Drill]

If you’re a technically competent skier and have mastered most elements of good technique, I have some advice that may surprise you: Stop trying so hard. Whenever I ski at popular nordic centres I’m struck by how many people are good, but not really great skiers. Their technique looks fine, at least in terms of […]

Noisy Skiing

Nordic Mythology: Slapping Skis Equals Bad Technique

Sometimes, when diagonal striding, the tails of your skis will make a slapping sound when they land in the track. In my early days of learning how to ski a coach said to me, “Hear that clapping sound? That’s applause for bad technique! ~Nice Coach Maybe you’ve heard the same thing from your coach, or maybe […]


Video Tutorial: How to Use Your Legs in Skate Skiing

The foundation of beautiful skate skiing is your legs. You want to generate powerful propulsive force with your push, then transition smoothly to a comfortable, well balanced glide. This video gives a detailed overview of how to use your legs in skate skiing. You’ll learn: How your body should be positioned so you get maximum […]