How to Change Tracks: Step by Step Guide

Summary: Learn how to ski smoothly from one track to another so you can pass other skiers with less effort. Changing Tracks is an easy skill to learn if you break it into these 5 steps and practice them one at a time: Kick Back Glide Across Step In Push Off Recovery Why You Should […]


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Double Pole

Summary: Old ideas about double poling are disappearing. It used to be, you had to “fall forward”, bow at the waist, and jackknife your body though the push phase. The “falling forward” part was especially unpleasant. This article includes a graphic of the “modern” double pole cycle, plus some tips that make double poling fun […]


Stuff We Like, Vol. 1

“Because we’re not the only ones publishing great information about cross-country skiing on the Internet.” In this first ever issue of “Stuff We Like”, you’ll find… A link to a nice set of Norwegian cross-country ski videos A self-analysis quiz that reveals your strengths and weaknesses as a cross-country skier Help sleeping better A video link with 2 […]

Cool Apps for Video Analysis

Review of Top 3 Sport Video Analysis Apps

Summary: Video analysis apps for smart phones and tablets are fun and powerful tools for evaluating and improving ski technique. They’re inexpensive, but they take time to learn and there are hidden costs. Which one is best for you? We review the top 3 apps and see what they have to offer. Related Article: Ubersense vs. Coach’s […]