Cross Country Ski Technique – Excellent Technique for Everyone

Excellent Technique for Everyone


Your gear will have a big impact on how easy it is for you learn to ski like a pro. If you want to ski with the high efficiency techniques we describe, you'll need race-style equipment.


These articles will help you set up your wax space, learn about different types of waxes, get started with applying wax and optimize your kick and glide waxes in a wide range of conditions.


Classic skiing is what most people imagine when they think of cross-country skiing. There are 3 classic ski techniques: Diagonal Stride, Double Pole, and Kick Double Pole. Learn them in that order.


There are 5 skate ski techniques or 'gears'. Low gears have more power and are good for climbing hills. Higher gears are for faster terrain and conditions. Learn offset and one skate first.

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What Cross Country Ski Technique Readers Say

Your website and YouTube videos together are easily the best and most helpful content that I could find on the Internet. I really like the depth you go into while explaining xc ski techniques.
Fraz , Sweden
I love your site. Your tips are extremely helpful, especially in the matter of improving the skiing technique.
Tatiana , Poland
I can’t say enough good things about your website. I’ve done much looking for information about really becoming a better skier and have found little. Your website has great information that is timely and extremely well organized. It has helped me enormously and I’m sure it is doing the same for others as well. Many, many thanks. Your efforts are much appreciated!
Jay , Wisconsin
I’m extremely pleased and grateful to have found your fantastic website and today’s tips are ever so timely and appreciated.
Gillian , Alberta
I find this web site really inspiring and very complete comparing to other websites. In here you can find very specific and professional advises. I’m a personal trainer and with their advices they helped me with the preparation of my athletes and after their support my athletes have improved in speed and technique. So in the end I really recommend Kim and her staff for advice if you want to bring your performance to the next level.
Maddalena , Italy
I can honestly say that I have gained more from your site than the massive amount of instructional material out there on this topic. To me, you have provided a clean, succinct and deliberate approach to helping people learn, the descriptions are clear, detailed and easy to follow. We all learn in different ways..your tone, approach and obvious passion for helping others resonate deeply with me. As well, I have watched several of the video you’ve posted, I want to experience more of what you are offering, and I want to support everything you are doing. For me, you guyz’ have hit the sweet spot..bravo.
Roger , Wyoming

How to Analyze Nordic Ski Technique

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XC Ski Nation

XC Ski Nation is our subscription membership site for cross-country skiers. It has an extensive video course library, where we use slow motion video analysis to break down and explain classic and skate ski techniques.

  • Technique Explainer Courses
  • Demo videos with top skiers
  • Video technique analysis for members
  • Drills and Skills
  • Member community forum with skiers from around the world.