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How to Buy Perfect Poles

These are the standard lengths we recommend for pole length. Your height (cm) – 30 = Classic pole length. Your height (cm) – 20 = Skate pole length. When poles are too long, it forces skiers into a more upright position and makes it hard for them to get into an athletic stance.

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Weight transfer for thinking skiers

Weight transfer and balance Ski drills to improve balance often challenge you to hold your balance on a single ski. A common example is to balance on one ski as you glide downhill. We work on balance, in part, to improve weight transfer. Weight transfer is an expression used in Nordic skiing to describe how […]

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Questions to Assess Your Poling

Here are some suggestions for things to think about on your next ski outing: What’s Your Upper Body to Lower Body Ratio of Effort? The use of poles allows you to distribute the workload across your upper and lower body, but only if you use them efficiently. Men can use a higher proportion of upper […]

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