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Movement Modes: A way to think about core stability in nordic skiing

One of the hallmarks of the modern elite nordic skier is a strong and stable core. The entire torso, all the way from the shoulders to hips, is stable with little visible movement. Dasha Gaiazova Atkins, 2x Olympian, says her core is a “platform” she pushes against.

The idea that the core should be strong and stable is widely accepted in sport. Strength training in the gym teaches the same principle. We used to move when we trained our trunk muscles. Now core training is…

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Listen to this: finally a podcast for nordic skiers

Love podcasts? Love cross-country skiing? Then you’ll want to check out the new podcast, Nordic Nation, from the popular cross-country skiing news website, FasterSkier has been periodically publishing audio interviews since 2009. The archives are here. They recently upped their game, rebranding their podcast and launching it on iTunes. It’s only natural that we have […]

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The Myth of Complete Weight Transfer

“Weight transfer” and “weight shift” mean the same thing. “Complete weight transfer” and “commit to your ski” are equivalent to one another as well. I dislike jargon, but these are important concepts to understand.

My comments about “complete weight transfer” towards the end of this article challenge widely held dogma. Rejecting the dogma improved my skiing and may help you ski better too.

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Video Technique Analysis: V1-Offset

V1-Offset has a characteristic 3:1 timing. You have 4 points of contact with the ground: two poles and two skis. In Offset, both poles plant at the same time as one ski, and then the second ski pushes unaided by any poling. The side you pole on is “stronger” because the poles really help with […]

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