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The Problem with Complete Weight Transfer

“Weight transfer” and “weight shift” mean the same thing. “Complete weight transfer” and “commit to your ski” are equivalent to one another as well. I dislike jargon, but these are important concepts to understand.

My comments about “complete weight transfer” towards the end of this article challenge widely held dogma. Rejecting the dogma improved my skiing and may help you ski better too.

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Is Roller Skiing Right for You?

Title slide: roller skier and Is Roller skiing right for you?

If you love cross-country skiing and always feel a little sad when the season ends and winter is over, perhaps you’ve wondered about roller skiing and whether it would be a good way for you to continue to enjoy nordic skiing long after the snow is gone. The video below is the first of 24 […]

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Crazy Forward Body Lean [Video]

You know forward body lean is important in cross-country skiing. But your mind plays tricks on you. It’s so worried you’ll fall that it sends you into panic mode whenever it feels the slightest hint you might lean too far forward. It doesn’t just take practice to develop the extreme forward body lean you

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In Praise of the Athletic Position [Video]

If I could go back in time and give myself one tip when I first started coaching, it would be this: “Be fanatical about getting your athletes to get into the athletic position and reminding them to be loose and relaxed.” In this video I cover: What is the athletic position. How it forms the basis of all cross-country ski techniques. Why it’s hard

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