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Is the “Foot Drive” Cue a Major Misstep?

“Drive your foot forward!”, “Push your foot forward!”, “Drive your knee!” Those are coaching cues you might hear for the classic technique, diagonal stride.

Do they help, or do more harm than good? Here we make the case against these cues, demonstrating with video evidence how they often negatively impact a skier’s overall body position.

We also show what “Foot Drive” should look like and talk about when it’s an appropriate skill to work on.

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“The Invisible Wall” An Unusual Diagonal Stride Drill That Really Works [Video]

Strong forward body lean is one of the keys to advancing your cross-country ski technique. But how do you do it? You have to lean in, but keep your hips forward at the same time. Many skiers struggle to do both those things at the same time. “Hips forward” makes them stand upright and “lean in” makes them bend at the waist and stick their hips back.

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