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3 Must-Have Skills for Safer Downhills

Downhills are a big worry for many nordic skiers – even strong intermediate skiers feel trepidation on downhills. For beginners it’s worse. There’s a good chance one of the reasons they chose cross-country skiing over alpine skiing is because they aren’t downhill speed demons. Nordic Downhill Ski Techniques There are 4 principle Nordic downhill skiing techniques: […]

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The “One Skate Dance” – For Getting Started in Skate Skiing [Video Tutorial]

The “One Skate Dance” is an amazingly effective drill for helping skate skiers quickly get the knack of One Skate (V2 skate skiing).

It helps skiers discover the beautiful rhythms of One Skate, learn how to effectively power their leg push with their body weight, and gives them a highly accurate drill for developing better balance on their glide ski.

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“The Invisible Wall” An Unusual Diagonal Stride Drill That Really Works [Video]

Strong forward body lean is one of the keys to advancing your cross-country ski technique. But how do you do it? You have to lean in, but keep your hips forward at the same time. Many skiers struggle to do both those things at the same time. “Hips forward” makes them stand upright and “lean in” makes them bend at the waist and stick their hips back.

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Crazy Eight Drill [Video]

People who ski race in their youth are so agile it looks like they were born on skis. Their skis are almost natural extensions of their feet. Even when they stumble, they look graceful. They catch an edge that would send most of us tumbling, do a little hop to regain their balance and barely […]

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