Listen to this: finally a podcast for nordic skiers

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Is Roller Skiing Right for You?

If you love cross-country skiing and always feel a little sad when the season ends and winter is over, perhaps you’ve wondered about roller skiing and whether it would be a good way for you to continue to enjoy nordic skiing long after the snow is gone. The video below is the first of 24 … Read more

Remember When? Ski Tour Canada Memory Game

Instructions: First turn one card, then a second. If they match they are taken out of play. Play against the clock and see how many turns you need to match all the cards. Cards shuffle when you reload the page, so you can play a new game every time. Ski Tour Canada Race Videos Visit … Read more

Top Scientist Shares Insights into Nordic Ski Training and Technique

HC Holmberg with two of his fanboys.
(L to R) Kim McKenney (author), HC Holmberg (scientist), Chris Jeffries (interviewer).

If you follow Nordic skiing research science (really, who doesn’t?) you’ll know H.C. Holmberg. He’s a rock star scientist from the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre.

Dr. Holmberg has been involved in sport as a chiropractor, athlete, coach and research scientist for about 35 years and has published more than 130 scientific papers, many of them about cross-country skiing.

Dr. Holmberg was one of two keynote speakers at

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Come to Canada!

The Tour de Ski wrapped up yesterday with the final stage – a brutal skate race up a steep alpine ski hill.

Thanks to “Skiing Vinnie” for posting both the men’s and women’s races on his YouTube channel.