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The “One Skate Dance” – For Getting Started in Skate Skiing [Video Tutorial]

The “One Skate Dance” is an amazingly effective drill for helping skate skiers quickly get the knack of One Skate (V2 skate skiing).

It helps skiers discover the beautiful rhythms of One Skate, learn how to effectively power their leg push with their body weight, and gives them a highly accurate drill for developing better balance on their glide ski.

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Video Quiz! Skate Transitions

Have you noticed how uninstructed┬áskate skiers almost always ski one way? Their technique can be best described as a blend of two skate and offset (that’s V2 Alternate and V1, for our American friends). I always feel sorry for these folks, especially when they are struggling uphill. If they learned the full range of skate […]

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