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How to Diagonal V Skate [Video]

Rarely Used by Experts, But Useful for Beginners Diagonal Skate, V Skating, Granny Skating, Gear 1, Coach’s Skate…so many names for a technique that’s so rarely used. When you’re getting started in skate skiing, diagonal skate is a lifesaver. It’s by far the easiest way to get up a hill. Hill climbing is very tough for beginner […]

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How to One Skate [Video]

One Skate is also known as Gear 3, or V2 Skating. In Canada, we say One Skate because there is one poling action for every leg push; there’s a 1:1 ratio of pole pushes and leg pushes. This technique is ideal for gentle terrain: slight uphills, slight downhills and flats. Powerful skiers can one skate up […]

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How to Two Skate [Video]

Two Skate is also known as Gear 4 or V2 Alternate skating. In Canada, its called Two Skate because the skier poles on every second leg push. Beginners tend to ski with this timing naturally. So, in terms of the timing, it’s not hard to master two skate, but to do it properly takes considerable balance […]

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