How to Two Skate [Video]

Two Skate is also known as Gear 4 or V2 Alternate skating. In Canada, its called Two Skate because the skier poles on every second leg push. Beginners tend to ski with this timing naturally. So, in terms of the timing, it’s not hard to master two skate, but to do it properly takes considerable balance … Read more

How to Free Skate [Video]

Free Skate is skate skiing without any pole planting. It’s used by racers for downhilling when they are moving too quickly for Two Skate or if they are tired. Free Skate is different from skiing without poles. Skiing without poles is  simply a drill you can (and should) do to improve your skiing ability. Free Skate is … Read more

Jump Skate [Video]

Jump Skate is a sprint version of One Skate (V2). It takes a crazy amount of strength and power.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Your Legs in Skate Skiing

The foundation of beautiful skate skiing is your legs. You want to generate powerful propulsive force with your push, then transition smoothly to a comfortable, well balanced glide. This video gives a detailed overview of how to use your legs in skate skiing. You’ll learn: How your body should be positioned so you get maximum … Read more