Coaching Tip: How to Give Video Feedback in a Large Class Setting

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Jürgen, a cross-country skier, coach and trainer from a club in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany shares a clever lesson plan idea.

His 2 goals were:

  1. To provide his athletes individualized video feedback,
  2. To minimize the time they stand around, waiting their turn.[/thrive_text_block]

Jürgen’s Lesson Plan

Jürgen cleverly solves the problem of how to provide video feedback in a large group setting without having skiers stand around, waiting their turn.

What you need:

  • motivated students (8- max. 12)
  • a timer (for example from gymboss, quite cheap)
  • a well-charged tablet with an app like coach´s eye or something like that
  • some cones out of plastique to mark the several stations and limit the area of exercise

At first you explain all students the several stations. It may be helpful to put a description with a catchword or two in a foil at any station, for example „blind balancing“. Then you build up groups of two people .

I would recommend to practice about two minutes at every station. The timer goes on, 4-8 students do their workout, and you can focus for about 10-15 minutes on two students and their analysis.

Exercises who are suitable for the circle-workout for example are :

  • balancing on one ski with closed eyes as long as you can.
  • jump on one ski as high as you can.
  • one student is in front with parallel skis, one end of each pole in his hand with the tips forward because of risk of injuries. The other one holds the other end oft he poles and pushes with skating steps.
  • Two students are staying opposite, one with his ski parallel inside, the other one with his skis open like a V outside the parallel skis. Now they jump in rhythm so they always change position (in-out-in-out….)
  • Two students stand nearby parallel to each other. Now they lean against each other with their shoulders and try to push away each other. Their skis are extremely crimped inside to give support. Good exercise to feel the power of leg bump.

Doing this basics thrills for about one hour gives much security, but more than one hour is boring. So that should be the limit.

Meanwhile you give video-support for example to Siitonen-Step* without poles. You just focus on the position the foot of the bump leg starts it`s work (beneath the foot of the gliding leg) and the weight shifting . In my experience students make enormous progress in their next turn if they have the opportunity to see themselves immediately after the exercise. It`s like doing exercise in front of a mirror.

So nice cooking and give feedback about the tasting :)

Jürgen’s athletes love this format because it keeps them moving, they work on specific goals and they get video feedback.

[pullquote align=”right”]”Their success of learning with this support in short time is overwhelming.” – Jürgen[/pullquote]

*Siitonen-Step: a.k.a. Marathon Skate. On skate skis, ski with one ski in the track and the other ski pushing in a skate ski action outside the track.

For an example of video technique feedback see this post.

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