How to Diagonal V Skate [Video] – Cross Country Ski Technique

How to Diagonal V Skate [Video]

Rarely Used by Experts, But Useful for Beginners

Diagonal Skate, V Skating, Granny Skating, Gear 1, Coach’s Skate…so many names for a technique that’s so rarely used.

When you’re getting started in skate skiing, diagonal skate is a lifesaver. It’s by far the easiest way to get up a hill.

Hill climbing is very tough for beginner skate skiers, so it’s important to know this fail-safe technique.

You can teach yourself this technique very simply:

  1. Begin by herringboning up a hill.
  2. Next, add a little glide push to each herringbone stride.
  3. Finally, add alternating pole pushes with each stride. Arms and legs swing in opposition, just like when you’re walking.

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