Top Scientist Shares Insights into Nordic Ski Training and Technique – Cross Country Ski Technique

Top Scientist Shares Insights into Nordic Ski Training and Technique

HC Holmberg with two of his fanboys.

(L to R) Kim McKenney (author), HC Holmberg (scientist), Chris Jeffries (interviewer).

If you follow Nordic skiing research science (really, who doesn’t?) you’ll know H.C. Holmberg. He’s a rock star scientist from the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre.

Dr. Holmberg has been involved in sport as a chiropractor, athlete, coach and research scientist for about 35 years and has published more than 130 scientific papers, many of them about cross-country skiing.

Dr. Holmberg was one of two keynote speakers atthe High Performance Coaching seminar hosted by Cross Country Canada in Canmore last weekend. We caught up with him after his talk for an informal chat about cross-country skiing.

Chris Jeffries conducted the interview, which made it especially interesting when they discussed the 2006 Turin Olympics. Chris competed in Turin and those are the Olympics where the Swedes initiated the dramatic changes to double pole technique we’ve witnessed in recent years. Other topics they discussed included:

  • The evolution of ski technique,
  • double pole technique trends, past and future,
  • the athlete, coach, researcher triangle in Sweden,
  • how Dr. Holmberg applies what he learns in the lab to his own skiing,
  • the differences between how Norwegian and Swedish athletes prepare for World Championships,
  • Dr. Holmberg’s proudest achievements,
  • and much more.

Other big news is that Dr. Holmberg is now a guest professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I guess that means he’ll be sharing all the Swedish secrets with Canadian skiers ;)

Link to Dr. HC Holmberg’s latest recent research.

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