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Listen to this: finally a podcast for nordic skiers

Love podcasts? Love cross-country skiing? Then you’ll want to check out the new podcast, Nordic Nation, from the popular cross-country skiing news website,

FasterSkier has been periodically publishing audio interviews since 2009. The archives are here. They recently upped their game, rebranding their podcast and launching it on iTunes.

It’s only natural that we have a podcast about our favourite sport: podcasting is surging in popularity and so is cross-country skiing. (Well…)

Nordic Nation went live in September and has been publishing 1-3 podcasts per month. The topics are wide ranging and eclectic, keeping it fresh. If you don’t enjoy one episode, try another. They’re all different.

Host Jason Albert won’t be pinned down to one type of content, at least not yet. A long time audio geek, he loves experimenting with different ideas and is open to suggestions for future episodes if you want to contact him. For example, one of the episodes is a spoof, complete with fictional characters. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one.

Mostly you can expect to gain insights into the competitive side of nordic skiing from the Nordic Nation podcast. Jason wants to go beyond the usual athlete interviews and explore the thinking and decision making that goes on at the highest levels of sport.

Of the episodes so far, my favourite might be Jason’s interview with the new CEO of Cross Country Canada, Shane Pearsall. They didn’t talk about cross-country skiing much, but I loved Pearsall’s leadership style. It made me optimistic about future of Canadian cross-country skiing.

Jason has also experimented with more educational formats. There’s a 2-part biathlon primer and an episode that explains ski jumping. It’s impressive how he wove together in-depth, but easy to understand explanations of complex sports from interviews. I’ll be re-listening to those episodes next year, prior to the Olympics. I have a much better understanding and appreciation of those nordic sports now.

So subscribe in iTunes to the Nordic Nation podcast – you won’t regret it – and if you have any other sports-related podcasts you enjoy, please share them in the comments below. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to on the way to the Nordic Centre.

P.S. I should point out there’s no association between our membership site, XC Ski Nation, and the FasterSkier “Nordic Nation” podcast. By coincidence, we chose similar names.

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