Is Roller Skiing Right for You? – Cross Country Ski Technique

Is Roller Skiing Right for You?

Title slide: roller skier and Is Roller skiing right for you?If you love cross-country skiing and always feel a little sad when the season ends and winter is over, perhaps you’ve wondered about roller skiing and whether it would be a good way for you to continue to enjoy nordic skiing long after the snow is gone.

The video below is the first of 24 lessons in our new Roller Skiing 101 course. In it Canadian National coach and Olympian, Chris Jeffries, and I discuss the first decision you face when thinking about roller skiing – “Is it right for me?” The other lessons in the course cover

  • Staying safe
  • Gear Selection
  • Maintenance
  • Integrating roller skiing into training

The full course is about 2 hours and even includes a live lesson where Chris coaches two cross-country skiers who had never been on roller skis before. By the end of the session, they were loving it.

You can view the full course outline here. The course will be available inside our new membership site for nordic skiers, XC Ski Nation, which is slated to open in about a month.

Producing Roller Skiing 101 marks a milestone for us, as we’ve never before put together such a comprehensive and complete resource. The membership site model gives us tremendous scope for developing more in-depth resources and directly supporting nordic skiers. We’re excited about all the new possibilities and would love you to join us.

Special Notes:

  • I’ve provided an audio file below the video. I don’t know about you, but I’m more and more interested in audio content as I gives me a chance to learn without being tied to a screen.
  • The actual lesson begins at about 0:45. The Intro is my XC Ski Nation “pitch”.
  • How do you like my little snowflake animation?

click this image for link to audio file

Photos: Fischer Sports GmbH (Roller Skiing 101)

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