Ubersense vs. Coach’s Eye vs. Dartfish Express (Supplement to Review)

Video-Analysis-FeaturesSummary: Table format makes it quick and easy to compare features between the 3 top video analysis apps. See Review of Top 3 Video Analysis Apps for a more detailed discussion.

Note: For up to date information on Pricing, Device Compatibility, and System Requirements, please visit the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad apps, and the Google Play Store for Android Apps.

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Ubersense LogoUbersense


Coach's-Eye-LogoCoach’s Eye
Dartfish-LogoDartfish Express
 Free  $4.99 (“premium” tools not recommended)  $6.99
iPad, iPhone iPad, iPhone, Android iPad, iPhone
Excellent Tutorials in Knowledge Base Blog Blog
Import From Camera Roll
Yes, but compression reduces video quality Yes, but compression reduces video quality  Yes, with no loss of quality
Record in App
30 or 60 fps* 30 or 60 fps, with SD and HD options Best quality and choices
Analysis Tools Work With Moving Video
 Yes Yes No. App only permits analysis of still shots
Scrolling Wheel**
 Good  Better  Best
Progress Slider Bar***
Yes No Yes
Slow Motion Playback****
3 speeds 1 speed 2 speeds
Draw Tools
Good Better Better
Side by Side Video Comparison
Yes. Can also merge videos for overlay viewing Yes Yes
Record Voice Commentary
Yes Yes Yes
Text Captions
No, but can post comments about videos Yes Yes
Organizational Features
Videos sorted by athlete and technique Name and tag videos Extensive tagging and filing

Might include: email, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Message, DropBox, export to camera roll

Private or public sharing. Create team for easy sharing. Option to share with Ubersense community Unlimited public sharing. All publicly shared videos appear on Coach’s Eye homepage (!) Five private shares included with app. Can buy additional private shares (50 for $4.99) Must publish to Dartfish TV channel before sharing. Your free Dartfish TV Channel comes with 0.25 GB free space, which is enough for ~ 20 clips
To Camera Roll, Drop Box or YouTube To Camera Roll, Drop Box or YouTube To Camera Roll
Subscription Service for Cloud Backup and Private Sharing

  • $4.99/mo
  • $29.99/yr

  • $14.99/mo
  • $149.99/yr
“My Dartfish TV”

  • $250/yr
Ubersense LogoUbersense
Coach's-Eye-LogoCoach’s Eye
Dartfish-LogoDartfish Express

* Frames Per Second- recording at higher fps makes high speed action shots less blurry and slow motion shots smoother. It also makes huge files that fill more space on your mobile device.

**The scrolling wheel is used to scrub through the video. This means you can play the video forwards and backwards at whatever speed you like. You drag the wheel with your finger to control direction and speed. Nudge it for frame by frame progress, or fling it for high speed play. The scroll wheel is the one of the best things about video analysis apps.

***The progress slider bar shows you where you are within the video, which useful for longer clips. You can drag the head of the progress slider bar to move quickly through the video

****The scroll wheel makes slow motion playback less important. One slow motion setting is enough.

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