Video Technique Analysis: V1-Offset – Cross Country Ski Technique

Video Technique Analysis: V1-Offset

UPDATED: Originally I posted a short excerpt of this video because I try to keep our Youtube videos under 5 minutes. However, without more context, people found it confusing. So I’m including the full 15 minute analysis in this post.

It’s still missing some context, because it references the XC Ski Nation “Offset Explainer Course”, which is an hour long, in depth explanation of Offset. But I believe you can still learn a lot from watching this video.

I haven’t figured out how to balance producing content for this website and our new site at the same time. Hopefully you’ll find these little snippets of XC Ski Nation content helpful until I find more time for blogging again.

V1-Offset has a characteristic 3:1 timing. You have 4 points of contact with the ground: two poles and two skis. In Offset, both poles plant at the same time as one ski, and then the second ski pushes unaided by any poling.

The side you pole on is “stronger” because the poles really help with the leg push. The offside leg should be able to push with equal force, but it often doesn’t because skiers naturally tend to favour the side that feels like it works better. “Over-committing” to the poling side often leads to the non-poling side leg having a weaker and less effective push.

Watch the video above to see what this looks like in real life. The best remedies I know are to build up your skill on both sides as much as possible and to skate ski up hills without poles.​

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