Video Tutorial: How to Use Your Legs in Skate Skiing – Cross Country Ski Technique

Video Tutorial: How to Use Your Legs in Skate Skiing

VideoTutorialSkateLegsTNwhiteThe foundation of beautiful skate skiing is your legs. You want to generate powerful propulsive force with your push, then transition smoothly to a comfortable, well balanced glide.

This video gives a detailed overview of how to use your legs in skate skiing. You’ll learn:

  • How your body should be positioned so you get maximum force from your push and better balance during your glide
  • The importance of correct ankle and knee flexion
  • Some common errors people make when skate skiing
  • Three great tips for improving your skate ski stride

Here’s a recap of the top three tips from the video:

  1. Ski your first 20 minutes without poles every time you go for a ski.
  2. Find a long, gentle hill. On the uphill focus on getting more power from your push/kick phase. On the downhill, work on improving your balance on your glide ski.
  3. Regularly practice the body positions and movements described in this video in front of a mirror (without your skis on!)

We really hope this video tutorial. It was our first ever video with sound.

You keep practicing your skiing skills and we’ll keep practicing our video skills (and our ski skills too, of course!). We can all improve together.

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