Video Tutorial: How to Use Your Legs in Skate Skiing

VideoTutorialSkateLegsTNwhiteThe foundation of beautiful skate skiing is your legs. You want to generate powerful propulsive force with your push, then transition smoothly to a comfortable, well balanced glide.

This video gives a detailed overview of how to use your legs in skate skiing. You’ll learn:

  • How your body should be positioned so you get maximum force from your push and better balance during your glide
  • The importance of correct ankle and knee flexion
  • Some common errors people make when skate skiing
  • Three great tips for improving your skate ski stride

Here’s a recap of the top three tips from the video:

  1. Ski your first 20 minutes without poles every time you go for a ski.
  2. Find a long, gentle hill. On the uphill focus on getting more power from your push/kick phase. On the downhill, work on improving your balance on your glide ski.
  3. Regularly practice the body positions and movements described in this video in front of a mirror (without your skis on!)

We really hope this video tutorial. It was our first ever video with sound.

You keep practicing your skiing skills and we’ll keep practicing our video skills (and our ski skills too, of course!). We can all improve together.


  1. says

    Dear Kim, I can’t say enough good things about your website. I’ve done much looking for information about really becoming a better skier and have found little. Your website has great information that is timely and extremely well organized. It has helped me enormously and I’m sure it is doing the same for others as well. Many, many thanks to you and Kai. Your efforts are much appreciated!

    • Kim McKenney says

      Hi Jay – thanks for your kind message. We’re happy that our work is helping you enjoy skiing more – that’s the dream :)

  2. Stephen Duquette says

    Thanks very much for publishing this excellent video. I am just starting to learn to skate ski and I found this video to be one of the best I have seen in terms of how you have been able to explain the techniques in easy to understand terms. I am sure my skiing will improve based on these great tips!!

    • Kim McKenney says

      Hi Stephen! We hope to put out more info soon about skate skiing. It’s such a fun and fast sport; we’re sure more people would love it if they just gave it a try. Keep practicing and it will only get more enjoyable. Good luck!

      • Stephen Duquette says

        Thanks Kim. I look forward to seeing more tips and to improve (and therefore, enjoy) my skate skiing. The instructor in the video sure makes it look easy-and graceful! Much appreciated!


  3. André Campeau says


    I’ve just discovered your website and I like the easy explanations as well as the videos that provide a clear visual of what I try to achieve. I’ve been in ski skating for a number of years and I feel that some things could work better. Also, I knew that some things should be done (ex : transfer your weight on the outside edge on the gliding ski) but had no idea how to do it or practice it.

    Your website will be most helpful to help me improve my technique and have more fun, which is the ultimate goal in the end.

    Merci beaucoup.


    • Kim McKenney says

      Bonjour André! Thanks for your kind words. Our dream is to help more people discover the joy of “performance” nordic skiing. Can you send us some of that lovely cold weather you’ve had out east this year? It’s pretty grim here in Alberta :(

      • André Campeau says


        I would have happily done so because both January and February were pretty cold (the coldest in 115 years) and people’s morale was getting quite low. We did a lot of classic ski because of that,

  4. Barry Auskern says

    What a great site! I’m just disappointed that I discovered it at the very end of the season. As a long-time runner who only got into xc skiing last year, I am amazed at how challenging and fun the sport is. These videos and tips are amazingly helpful.

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