Boots and Bindings

The most important thing to consider when buying ski boots is comfort.
Skate boots should fit a little snugger than classic boots, but both should feel comfortable when you walk around the store.
Skate boots have a high ankle cuff. Classic boots are cut lower.

Classic vs Skate

New to cross country skiing? You need to decide whether to classic ski, skate ski or learn both.

First question: do you have access to both skate and classic ski trails?

Once you’ve got that question answered, the next most important question is, “Which appeals most to you?”

Still more questions? Read on. We’ve tried to cover them all.

Kick Waxing

Only waxable classic skis need kick wax.

Kick wax is also known as grip wax. It’s applied to the base of waxable classic skis in the area roughly under the binding. The area of the base where you apply kick wax is called the wax pocket or the kick zone.

Smart Ways to Save Money on Gear

We recommend you buy the best gear you can afford because there are performance advantages to quality gear and you definitely get what you pay for.

But you shouldn’t spend money you don’t have and we know everyone has to work within a budget. What follows are the best ways we know for saving money but still enjoying quality equipment.

Jump Skate [Video]

Jump Skate is a sprint version of One Skate (V2). It takes a crazy amount of strength and power.