How to Diagonal Stride [Video]

Diagonal Stride is the primary classic cross-country ski technique. It’s used mainly on uphills, but beginners use it on flats and even downhills. This is the technique that makes people say, “If you can walk, you can cross-country ski.” That’s because your arms and legs move in opposition, the same way as when you walk or run. It’s the … Read more

How to Double Pole [Video]

Double Pole Once you get the hang of diagonal striding, you’ll start to “spin out” on flats, downhills and even slight uphills. You’re moving too fast for diagonal stride and you need to switch to a “gear” that has less power and is better for higher speeds. Enter double pole technique. Because you don’t push your skis against … Read more

How to Kick Double Pole [Video]

Kick Double Pole Kick Double Pole is also called One Step Double Pole. Sometimes conditions are too fast for diagonal stride, but too slow for double poling. As Goldilocks would say, that’s when Kick Double Pole is “just right”. Kick Double Pole, which combines Diagonal Stride and Double Poling, is a relaxing technique for travelling across rolling terrain … Read more