Head Position – Small Changes, Big Results

I failed to adequately appreciate the importance of head position until quite recently. I’m the kind of skier who likes to look down at my skis. It suits my introverted personality. It let’s me be alone, in my own zone, even when there are other people around. I can focus on the sensations of skiing … Read more

Don’t waste your time on stupid skate drills

I used to be a nice person, but these days I’m just cranky. Everywhere I turn I’m reminded that ski season is well underway. My Facebook feed is filled with photos of happy friends enjoying excellent early season conditions. Invitations to group ski outings fill my inbox, but I’m stuck in the gym, losing my … Read more

How to filter information about ski technique

You hear a lot of conflicting ideas about ski technique. In some cases it’s the same idea expressed differently. That can be useful. One description might resonate perfectly with you while the next suggestion is meaningless even though it really helped your friend. In other instances, the ideas you learn about technique and how to … Read more

3 Must-Have Skills for Safer Downhills

Downhills are a big worry for many nordic skiers – even strong intermediate skiers feel trepidation on downhills. For beginners it’s worse. There’s a good chance one of the reasons they chose cross-country skiing over alpine skiing is because they aren’t downhill speed demons. Nordic Downhill Ski Techniques There are 4 principle Nordic downhill skiing techniques: … Read more

Better Balance for Nordic Skiers

Skiers of all levels are balanced when they ski – unless they’re falling down. The difference in balance between a novice and expert is their base of support. As your skill improves, you’ll feel balanced and comfortable on an increasingly small and unstable base of support. You are also able to adjust the relative position … Read more