Nordic Mythology: Slapping Skis Equals Bad Technique

Sometimes, when diagonal striding, the tails of your skis will make a slapping sound when they land in the track. In my early days of learning how to ski a coach said to me, “Hear that clapping sound? That’s applause for bad technique! ~Nice Coach Maybe you’ve heard the same thing from your coach, or maybe … Read more

Video Tutorial: How to Use Your Legs in Skate Skiing

The foundation of beautiful skate skiing is your legs. You want to generate powerful propulsive force with your push, then transition smoothly to a comfortable, well balanced glide. This video gives a detailed overview of how to use your legs in skate skiing. You’ll learn: How your body should be positioned so you get maximum … Read more

Effective Downhill Turns: What the Science Says

A team of scientists from Norway, Sweden and Slovenia studied downhill turns made by elite female cross-country skiers and came up some helpful guidelines.* The two techniques they studied were skidding and step turning. Skidding is similar to a hockey stop. You decelerate by edging parallel skis against the fall line. You can also snowplow … Read more

Crazy Eight Drill [Video]

People who ski race in their youth are so agile it looks like they were born on skis. Their skis are almost natural extensions of their feet. Even when they stumble, they look graceful. They catch an edge that would send most of us tumbling, do a little hop to regain their balance and barely … Read more