Coaching Tip: How to Give Video Feedback in a Large Class Setting

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Jürgen, a cross-country skier, coach and trainer from a club in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany shares a clever lesson plan idea. His 2 goals were: To provide his athletes individualized video feedback, To minimize the time they stand around, waiting their turn.[/thrive_text_block] Jürgen’s Lesson Plan What you need: motivated students (8- max. 12) … Read more

Better Cues for Better Skiing

Summary: Improve your motor learning and athletic performance by focussing your thoughts externally rather than thinking about your body and how it’s moving.

This article summarizes the science that compares internal and external coaching cues. You can apply these principles to any sport or motor learning task.

Tips for Taking Better Cross Country Ski Videos

I have mixed feelings about video. As a skier I like the idea of watching myself on video as a way to improve my technique. It’s easier than actually training to build strength, speed or agility. But as a coach I find it time consuming to work with video and it doesn’t always…

Review of Top 3 Sport Video Analysis Apps

Summary: Video analysis apps for smart phones and tablets are fun and powerful tools for evaluating and improving ski technique. They’re inexpensive, but they take time to learn and there are hidden costs. Which one is best for you? We review the top 3 apps and see what they have to offer. Related Article: Ubersense vs. Coach’s … Read more

Ubersense vs. Coach’s Eye vs. Dartfish Express (Supplement to Review)

Summary: Table format makes it quick and easy to compare features between the 3 top video analysis apps. See Review of Top 3 Video Analysis Apps for a more detailed discussion. Note: For up to date information on Pricing, Device Compatibility, and System Requirements, please visit the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad apps, and the Google … Read more