What Alpine skiers need to know about Nordic downhill skiing

Experienced Alpine skiers are often caught by surprise at the difficulty of Nordic downhill skiing. Superficially, the sports appear closely related: there’s snow, a pair of skis and a hill. If anything, Alpine skiers expect Nordic downhills to be easier because of slower speeds. Many are unprepared for the challenge of transferring their skills to cross-country … Read more

3 Must-Have Skills for Safer Downhills

Downhills are a big worry for many nordic skiers – even strong intermediate skiers feel trepidation on downhills. For beginners it’s worse. There’s a good chance one of the reasons they chose cross-country skiing over alpine skiing is because they aren’t downhill speed demons. Nordic Downhill Ski Techniques There are 4 principle Nordic downhill skiing techniques: … Read more

Step Turn [Video]

The 3 videos below show step turning on different terrain and from different angles. The first video shows how to make a tight turn on the flats, and the second 2 videos show step turning on a downhill, first from a side angle, then from behind. Kai demonstrates step turning with and without a kickback in the middle video.

Tuck [Video]

The tuck technique is used when negotiating the downhills on cross-country skis. Video shows how racers handle the tuck in a variety of situations.

“Hockey Stop” [Video]

Practicing your hockey stop is a great drill for learning to be more comfortable on the edges of your skis. This is important in skate skiing and helps with step turning as well. You’ll probably have one bad or weak side. Force yourself to practice at least twice as often on that side.