V1-Offset: What the science says about timing and pole positions

I just finished up a new video course about V1-Offset technique based on a research paper from 2015. The scientists studied 15 elite male skiers from the Austrian, Norwegian and Swedish national teams, including 9 skiers ranked in the top 20 in the world. They used a roller ski treadmill, pressure sensors and a motion … Read more

V2-One Skate: too fast, too hard, or just right?

In Top Tips for New Skate Skiers I argue beginner and struggling skate skiers should prioritize One Skate (V2) and minimize their use of Two Skate. (V2 Alternate) It’s not that I don’t like Two Skate. Two Skate is a wonderful technique. It’s fast, fun and dynamic. The problem is that Two Skate disguises balance … Read more

Don’t waste your time on stupid skate drills

I used to be a nice person, but these days I’m just cranky. Everywhere I turn I’m reminded that ski season is well underway. My Facebook feed is filled with photos of happy friends enjoying excellent early season conditions. Invitations to group ski outings fill my inbox, but I’m stuck in the gym, losing my … Read more

Introduction to the Primary Skate Skiing Techniques

Most self-taught skate skiers use a single technique on all terrain – uphills, downhills, and flats – their technique never changes.

You could gather half a dozen expert skiers over a bottle of wine and get six different answers to the question, “How many skate skiing techniques are there?” But most trained skiers would agree with this statement: There are 5 core skate techniques plus a variety of supplemental techniques for special circumstances such as sprinting, cornering and downhills. If you’re one of the majority of skate skiers – at least here in North America – who doesn’t yet know all the skate techniques, the best thing you can do to improve your efficiency is to expand your skate skiing toolkit.