Name that Skate Skiing Technique

Let’s make the world’s largest International collection of skate skiing technique names! In the comments section below, please leave: Your Country/Language The names of each skate technique listed in the same order as the table above. Any other interesting skate skiing-related words or expressions you have. If your alphabet is different, can you also tell us how … Read more

Video Technique Analysis: V1-Offset

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]UPDATED: Originally I posted a short excerpt of this video because I try to keep our Youtube videos under 5 minutes. However, without more context, people found it confusing. So I’m including the full 15 minute analysis in this post. It’s still missing some context, because it references the XC Ski Nation “Offset Explainer Course”, … Read more

Offset Explained

Offset (or V1, as they say in the USA), is a unique skate technique. It’s the lowest gear most skate skiers will use. The primary uses of Offset are hill climbing and accelerating from a stand still. In my opinion, Offset stands apart from other skate techniques and is pretty weird. You plant your poles at … Read more

Our Top Tips for New Skate Skiers

No doubt you’ll hear different advice from other coaches, but if you’re just getting started in skate skiing, here’s what we recommend:…

Swedish Olympic Champion Recalls the Early Development of Skate Skiing

(Interview with Jan Ottosson, several times Swedish champion.) In 1982, the America Bill Koch turned the sport of cross-country skiing on its head when he skate skied his way to the overall World Cup title. The years that followed were a singular time in the history of cross-country skiing. Elite athletes suddenly had to adapt to a style of skiing they hadn’t used during their developmental years. It was so new no one really knew […]