How to Offset or V1 Skate [Video]

Offset V1 SkateOffset (V1) is a bit of an outlier technique; the poling action is quite different from what’s used in One Skate (V2) or Two Skate (V2 Alternate) and the leg action is very different from any other skate technique.

The Norwegians call this technique “paddling”, and you can see why. The skier looks a bit like he is paddling a canoe.

You’ll want to master offset as soon as you can, as it is one of the best ways to get up a hill.

Note the skier plants his two poles at the exact instant one of his skis lands on the snow. That gives Offset it’s characteristic 3:1 timing. Two poles, plus a ski plant together, then the second ski lands.

Self-taught skate skiers use an offset-like technique. Their overall body position is usually incorrect and they don’t tightly synchronize their pole plant with their ski like a skier who’s been instructed.

Offset is for hill climbing and sprint starts. It should never be used for cruising on flats or gentle hills. Using it on flats will create bad habits which will be hard to break.