Step Turn [Video]

Step turning is a technique common to both classic and skate skiing. It’s used on tight turns, large radius sweeping turns, downhill turns and even sometimes on uphill turns.

In a basic step turn, the skier simply pushes his outside leg straight to the side in a skate-style leg push while stepping his inside leg around the corner.

On tighter turns, the skier’s inside leg starts to “get in the way” because he is leaning into the turn so much. In that case, he will begin to kick his inside leg either backwards or forwards.

The 3 videos below show step turning on different terrain and from different angles. The first video shows how to make a tight turn on the flats, and the second 2 videos show step turning on a downhill, first from a side angle, then from behind. Kai demonstrates step turning with and without a kickback in the middle video.

Step Turning on Flats

Downhill Step Turn (2 Ways)

Downhill Step Turn – Rear View